RAIDaptive Open Water SCUBA Diving

We're taking expressions of interest now for our 2025 RAIDaptive Scuba Program.

Experience the wonders of SCUBA and become a certified RAIDaptive diver.


The RAIDaptive program is designed to teach individuals living with a disability to become certified divers with the goal of using certified RAIDaptive Dive Buddies to compensate for those skills that cannot independently performed.

To become a certified RAIDaptive Open Water diver, you’ll need to have basic swimming skills, be comfortable in the water, and should be in good overall health.

The RAIDaptive program certifies students using the following designations:

  • Designation 1 (D1) – The student must be able to perform all skills independently with the exception of Entries and Exits.
  • Designation 2 (D2)– The student must be able to perform all skills independently with the exception of Entries, Exits, Emergency Ascents, Maintaining Positive Buoyancy at the surface by oral inflation of the BCD.
  • Designation 3 (D3) – The student must be able to breathe continuously and monitor gas supply. The student will require assistance with all other aspects of diving.



  • RAIDaptive Open Water 20 course including access to online learning portal
  • 1:1 in water support from RAIDaptive trained Dive Masters and Instructors
  • Support from our adaptive recreation team
  • Premium SCUBA gear (BCD, regs, tanks)
  • Daily lunch



Our courses require you to book into either one of the following packages: full details of our package inclusions can be found here

  • Wellness & High Support Package (for those who DO NOT require attendant care)
  • Wellness and Very High Support Package (for those who DO require attendant care)

*PLEASE NOTE: This course may include out of pocket expenses such as the purchase of a suitable wetsuit, booties mask and snorkel.


2025 Dates
Taking expressions of interest for 2025 now!

Important information

You will need to gain medical clearance from your spinal specialist or certified dive doctor prior to being offered a place in this course.

We’ll provide all your SCUBA gear however all participants must to provide their own wetsuit, booties, mask and snorkel.

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Schedule (this is a guide only)

Sunday 2pm: Check-in
Monday RAIDaptive Course (Theory and Pool)
Tuesday RAIDaptive Course (Pool)
Wednesday RAIDaptive Course (Pool)
Thursday RAIDaptive Course (Ocean)
Friday RAIDaptive Course (Ocean)
Saturday 10am: Check-out

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You must be living in the community to apply to attend any of the courses run at Sargood on Collaroy. If you are currently an inpatient at a health facility then unfortunately you are not eligible to apply.

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