Terms and Conditions

1. Eligibility criteria

Sargood on Collaroy

Sargood on Collaroy has been designed specifically for those with Spinal Cord Injury, and therefore the following criteria must be met to allow a confirmed accommodation booking:

  • I have permanent damage to my spinal cord that is non progressive and not palliative.
  • My needs meet the primary purpose of Sargood on Collaroy, that is to support and promote access and inclusion for people with spinal cord injury.
  • Sargood on Collaroy is not equipped to support ventilators.
  • Sargood on Collaroy does not have oxygen onsite. If you use Oxygen Concentrator, please contact us to discuss whether your support requirements can be met.
  • Sargood on Collaroy cannot support you if you have significant behaviours of concerns or addictions that may affect the quiet enjoyment of other guests.
  • The staff at Sargood on Collaroy are trained to support people with Spinal Cord Injuries. If my care requirements are complex and likely to exceed the staff’s skill set, I understand that I might be required to bring my own trained support.
  • Sargood on Collaroy is not a medical facility and the staff cannot manage any medical conditions I may have. I understand that an ambulance will be called for me if I require medical attention and that I will be responsible for any costs incurred in transporting me and/or my equipment to and from hospital.

2. Making a booking in the hotel

2.1 Confirmation of eligibility

Firstly, you will need to confirm your eligibility by acknowledging that you meet the terms of the eligibility criteria appearing on the Sargood on Collaroy booking page i.e. that you have a non- progressive, non-palliative spinal cord injury and that your support needs may be reasonably met at Sargood on Collaroy.

2.2 Booking form

You must agree to provide all information necessary to assist our staff to establish your support needs during your stay at Sargood on Collaroy. This information will be collected via an online form for each and every stay and held in confidence only for the purpose of ensuring that adequate supports can be made available during your stay.

2.3 Reservation policy

When you make a booking enquiry, you will be sent an online booking form (clause 2.2). When you return the completed booking form with preferred stay dates and support requirements, the request will be reviewed by our staff. If we can provide accommodation and support, and secure funding for your preferred dates, only then will you be allocated a room in our reservation system. A guest’s care and equipment needs may dictate the room we have to allocate. If a guest’s requested room and/or room type is unavailable for the above reasons, this will be communicated before booking confirmation.

2.4 Minimum stay

During peak periods there are minimum night stays attached to any bookings that fall within periods that fall in the below dates:

  • December 20th – January 5th – 5 night minimum
  • Long weekends – 3 night minimum

3. Rates & charges for services

The prices quoted to you based upon the information you have provided and the assessment of your support needs made by the Sargood on Collaroy staff, in consultation with you. All services delivered are specifically designed to meet the needs of the guest or client.

Quoted rates are inclusive of all compulsory government or regulatory charges and taxes (for example GST) where applicable.

3.1 These prices are subject to change if:

  • a payment / signed service agreement which is due is not received by the stated due date.
  • any details relating to your booking are incorrect or amended, for example your dates of stay, your room type, package type, increased care needs or the number of persons staying under your booking.
  • there is a change in or imposition of a government charge, tax or levy which entitles or necessitates Sargood on Collaroy changing the price of your booking.
  • If the price of a booking is changed (as per the above 2 points) before your stay, you may elect to pay the new price / sign a new service agreement to confirm your booking, or cancel your booking and receive a full refund, provided that such cancellation is notified within five (5) clear business days of receiving the revised quotation.

3.2 Booking confirmation

Once a booking has been confirmed and accepted by you, a valid Visa or Master credit or debit card must be provided in case of cancellation where a charge is payable. Your credit/debit card details are retained securely.

You must provide credit card details when you check in (if they are not already on file) and sign the guest registration form.

If you have an outstanding account, Sargood on Collaroy reserves the right to put all future bookings on hold until the account is paid.

3.3 Additional expenses

Your credit card may be used to cover incidental items including but not limited to room keys, telephone charges, security bond or deposit for any breakages or damage incurred during your stay (including the fine for setting off the fire alarm) or cleaning charges in excess of the normal level of cleaning.

In the case where a credit card/debit card cannot be provided please note that if any incidental charges or damages are not paid for, no future stay at Sargood on Collaroy will be permitted until such fees are paid.

3.4 Funder approval

It is the responsibility of the guest to ensure that any part of their stay for which they are seeking funding, meets the criteria of that funder. The guest is liable for any costs of services provided that the funder will not meet.

3.5 icare (lifetime care/workers care) participants

icare participants are required to provide Sargood on Collaroy with an approval number (RP number) and Service Approval/Purchase Order from their coordinator or case manager as part of the online booking form. No reservations can be processed until this approval has been received. Sargood on Collaroy will be tracking the number of nights against the approved maximum in the Service Approval/Purchase Order.

3.6 NDIS participants who are NDIA managed

NDIS Participants who are NDIA managed must ensure that any services that are engaged are covered by the NDIS and are included in their plan. Before a reservation can be confirmed, a Service Level Agreement* must be completed. Once the guest signs and returns the Service Level Agreement* to Sargood on Collaroy, a service booking will be made in the MyPlace portal and funds will be secured; at this stage, the booking is confirmed.

3.7 NDIS participants that have a Plan Manager

Plan Managed participants must ensure that any services that are engaged are covered by the NDIS and are included in their plan. Before a reservation can be confirmed, a Service Level Agreement* must be completed. Once the guest signs and returns the Service Level Agreement* to Sargood on Collaroy, the agreement will be sent to their nominated Plan Manager; at this stage, the booking is confirmed. An invoice will be sent on or after the day of departure, to the guest and their Plan Manager to arrange payment. In the event that a Plan Manager refuses to pay the invoice issued, the guest is still liable for any service used.

3.8 NDIS participants that are Self-Managed

Self-managed participants must ensure that any services that are engaged in, are covered by the NDIS and are included in their plan. Before a reservation can be confirmed, a Service Level Agreement* must be completed. Once the guest signs and returns the Service Level Agreement* to Sargood on Collaroy, and a valid Visa or Master credit or debit card is provided (in case of cancellation where a charge is payable), the booking is confirmed. An invoice will be sent on or after the day of departure, to the guest to arrange payment. Payment can also be made by EFTPOS transaction at reception.

*The Booking Request Form at sargoodoncollaroy.com.au is our Service Level Agreement.

4. Cancellation, changes and refunds

4.1 Reservation cancellation policy

If less than seven (7) clear days’ notice is given to cancel a reservation, 100% of the total fee must be paid (to a maximum of 7 nights). There is no charge if more notice of cancellation is given.

4.2 In the case of a shortened stay or amended dates of bookings, no less than seven (7) days’ notice prior to the original arrival date is required, or a one (1) night charge will be incurred.

4.3 During peak periods, higher nightly rates may be charged than the regular advertised packages.  These rates will still fall within the NDIS price guide for those days.

Peak Periods include:

  • December 20 – January 5 (inclusive)
  • Long Weekends / Public Holidays

4.4 Changing your supports

A guest may change package level without charge if more than seven (7) clear  days’ notice is given prior to their date of arrival. Within seven (7) clear days of arrival, a guest may downgrade their package, however a one (1) night fee of the package rate initially booked, will be charged. If multiple changes are made to a guest’s package type during their stay (e.g. from Wellness and High Support Package to Wellness and Support Package), a one (1) night fee of the package rate initially booked, will be charged per instance a request for change is made. If a guest would like to upgrade to a care package during their stay, Sargood on Collaroy will provide this service only if there is adequate staff availability and a new Service Level Agreement is signed.

4.5 Changes to your funding arrangements

You agree to inform Sargood on Collaroy immediately if your funding is suspended or replaced by a new funding agreement.

4.6 Changes to Service Level Agreements

If changes to the supports or their delivery are required, we both agree to discuss and review this Service Level Agreement. We both agree that any changes to this Service Level Agreement will be in writing, signed, and dated.

4.7 Ending a Service Level Agreement

Should either Party wish to end this Service Level Agreement they must give reasonable notice. Payment for supports/services is required during this notice period.

If either Party seriously breaches this Service Level Agreement, the requirement of notice will be waived.

5. Check-In and check-Out

  • Check in is from 2:00pm – 5:00pm, or later with prior notice. Guests will have to complete a guest registration form when they arrive. Your credit/debit card details will be retained securely.
  • Check out is at 10:00am on the day of departure. A late checkout is subject to availability; please contact reception prior to your day of departure if you would like to request this.
  • Should a guest depart before reception hours, any outstanding incidental charges will be charged to the credit/debit card on file.  Remaining accommodation balances will be sent in an invoice to the relevant person/agency.

6. Special requests

Sargood on Collaroy does not guarantee that special requests can be accommodated.

Room allocation is based on guest requirements.

7. Liquor licence

Sargood on Collaroy is a licensed venue. We may provide in-room alcohol to guests 18 years and over, between midday and 11pm each day, with charges added to your room account for payment upon departure. Tray service may be offered within the common areas of the property; however, service and consumption must cease by 9pm in outdoor areas, and by midnight in indoor areas. Our staff must adhere to Responsible Service of Alcohol laws; and we ask that no offence to be taken if service is refused.

BYO alcohol is not allowed in Common Areas at Sargood on Collaroy.

8. Food and dining

All guest rooms have a kitchenette for guests to arrange meals themselves, or have our Guest Attendants assist in meal preparation, if that service has been purchased.

A communal kitchen is available to all guests and is located on Level 2. All items in this kitchen may be used by guests, provided items are returned to the place in which they were found.

Guests are expected to clean any mess they leave after using the communal kitchen.

Prior to a guest’s stay, grocery orders may be placed at the guest’s expense. Reception staff can offer assistance in arranging this service and a surcharge may be incurred.

9. Medication and personal care items

Sargood on Collaroy does not provide medication or personal care items.

The client must provide their own Webster Pack, Dosette Box, Sachet Packaging System, Medication in Original Packaging and PRN Medication. Sargood on Collaroy does not provide or store any medication on site.

If a Webster Pack, Dosette Box, Sachet Packaging System, Medication in Original Packaging or PRN Medication needs to be refilled whilst the client is staying at Sargood the guest would need to attend a local pharmacy with medication scripts and have the Webster Pack, Sachet Packaging System or Medication in Original Packaging refilled.

Sargood staff are not to administer any medication that comes in a bottle, whether it be liquid or tablets (medication may have been tampered with).

The pharmacist will pack the medications in a Webster Pack, Sachet Packaging System or Medication in original packaging in accordance with the Department of Health Guidelines.

Staff will assist the guests to administer medication as per instructions on packaging.

10. Maps and images

Photos and floor plans are indicative only.

11. Travel insurance (ONLY for non-compensable privately paying guests)

Sargood on Collaroy recommends that at the time of booking confirmation you purchase comprehensive travel insurance to cover items including, but not limited to, loss of booking amount through cancellation, loss or damage to personal baggage, loss of money and medical expenses.

12. Smoking and vaping

Sargood on Collaroy is committed to providing guests and staff with a 100% smoke and vape free environment. Please assist us in providing a safe and healthy environment for all our guests and staff by refraining from smoking or vaping in rooms, on terraces and on Sargood on Collaroy grounds. Please also refrain from smoking or vaping within 4 metres of all entry doors. Smoking or vaping inside your apartments or on the terraces may incur a $200 cleaning fee, as well as the NSW Fire Brigades fine for setting off the fire alarm (approximately $2500). Northern Beaches Council has made smoking on the beach or within 10m of the children’s playground, a finable offence.

13. Use of facilities

13.1 Guests and visitors

Accommodation rooms, once confirmed, are only for use by designated guests and their nominated visitors/carers at the time of booking. By prior arrangement, additional cots or trundle beds may be provided to accommodate children, other family members or friends; this may incur an additional charge. Guest rooms have a maximum number of persons allowed, specific to the size of that room. If more guests arrive than beds allocated or allowed, an additional room must be booked if available.  There is an additional fee for this.

Official visitors must report to reception and sign a Visitor/Contractor Register to indicate arrival and departure times.

13.2 Royal Rehab LifeWorks at Sargood

Royal Rehab LifeWorks at Sargood is situated onsite at Sargood on Collaroy. Royal Rehab LifeWorks at Sargood has gym memberships that guests can access during their stay. The membership is included in the guest's stay. Guests can choose to access the Royal Rehab LifeWorks at Sargood’s suite of allied health services during their stay. Information about the service and how to book can be found here and the Terms and Conditions here. Before accessing the gymnasium the guest must complete the Royal Rehab at LifeWorks Client Registration Form and pre-book a time to use the space with reception to ensure supervision is available.

Royal Rehab LifeWorks at Sargood Opening hours: 

  • 8:00 am – 5:00 pm (closed between 1-2 pm) | Monday – Friday 
  • Please note the gymnasium is closed on all Public Holidays. 

13.3 Recreational equipment

Access to adaptive recreational equipment is included in a guest’s stay. Please see information regarding hiring of equipment and duty to reimburse for damage or loss.

13.4 Other visitors

External Therapists, Case Managers/Coordinators and Suppliers are welcome to see guests onsite; however, we reserve the right to deny entry to any individual or business onto the premise at any time. Sargood on Collaroy have the right to ask to see insurance certificates and appropriate evidence of competency at any time.

All services must be delivered in a guest’s room. Communal spaces at Sargood on Collaroy, including the gym, are not to be used by External Therapists, Case Managers/Coordinators and Suppliers.

No External Therapist can treat/train/support Club Sargood clients onsite at Sargood on Collaroy. Club Sargood clients can bring their own support workers onsite to assist with sessions at no extra cost. All Supports workers and carers must sign in and out at reception when onsite at Sargood on Collaroy.

13.5 Laundry

Free self-use laundry facilities are available onsite for guests to access.  A laundry bag is provided in your guest room to assist you in transferring your laundry to the facilities in the basement.  Staff are happy to show guests how to use the laundry.  Only guests who have booked care and are unable to use the laundry independently, can have staff wash dirty laundry.  This service will be provided in pre-booked care hours only.

14. Assistance animals

Sargood on Collaroy is happy to accommodate guests travelling with an assistance animal. If you have an assistance animal, and are visiting from another state, please note that you will still need to follow the Sargood on Collaroy policy (listed below), which adheres to NSW law as stated by the Office of Local Government.

Before your assistance animal is allowed onsite at Sargood on Collaroy you must adhere to the terms below:

  • Provide proof of accreditation (must have a medallion on their collar with the registration number and/or the owner must also carry a laminated pass).
  • Assistance animals are required to be harnessed and wearing their bibs in all public areas within Sargood on Collaroy.
  • Assistance animals must not urinate or defecate anywhere inside the building. They must be taken outside, and all faeces removed and placed in a rubbish bin after being sealed in a plastic bag (Sargood on Collaroy can assist with this).
  • Only animal water and food bowls are to be used for your assistance animal. Sargood on Collaroy has some available upon request.
  • Assistance animals must not cause harm to another person, animal or property.
  • Assistance animals must not disturb other guests by causing noise such as barking or scratching.
  • Assistance animals must not sleep on beds, couches or furniture in the guest room or common areas. You may bring a clean animal bed or ask staff if one is available to borrow. This is important for the sake of other guests that will use the property and may have allergies. Specific rooms may be allocated for those with assistance animals to aid in the comfort of others.

It is unlawful to impose a charge on a person to enter a place open to, or used by the public, only because the person is accompanied by an assistance animal unless:

  • it is reasonably necessary to supply additional accommodation for the animal and a reasonable charge is applied for that accommodation, OR
  • the owner, or person in charge, of the place reasonably incurs additional expense because the animal is present, the charge is reasonable in the circumstances and is charged to compensate for the expense. This means any cost incurred by Sargood on Collaroy as a result of additional cleaning, property replacement or any other damages caused physically or to our reputation, due to this policy not being adhered to, will be passed onto the guest with the accompanying assistance animal.

15. Equipment hire policy

15.1 General conditions of use

  • All bookings and enquiries are to be made through Reception at Sargood on Collaroy between the hours of 9am-4pm.
  • If assistance is required to transfer in or out of the equipment, a booking must be made for assistance at the same time as booking the equipment.
  • Cost of hiring equipment is included in the price of the guest’s accommodation.
  • You can hire equipment for 1 hour per day subject to availability between 9am – 5pm.
  • Use of equipment after 5pm is at staff discretion and must be returned by 8pm.
  • Equipment must always be returned to a staff member. Equipment should never be kept in guest’s rooms.
  • Sargood on Collaroy has insurance for public liability/risk and any other matters relevant to the purpose for which the equipment will be used; to the value of $50,000,000.
  • The transportation of equipment to other locations is the responsibility of the hirer, who must ensure that the handling of the equipment is undertaken with due care.
  • Sargood on Collaroy will not be responsible for any costs associated with the set-up, removal or transport of the equipment.
  • Persons are not permitted to make any alterations or additions to Sargood on Collaroy’s equipment.
  • The hirer is not authorised to sub-hire or loan Sargood on Collaroy’s equipment to any other group during the term of the hire agreement.
  • The hirer must have completed the ‘Hiring of Equipment Procedure’ and have been approved to use equipment.
  • Guest Equipment Hire Approvals are only valid for 12 months.
  • Guest Equipment Hire Approvals must be completed by a Recreation Team Member.
  • At Sargood on Collaroy’s reasonable demand, the hirer must pay for any damage to the facility and/or equipment or other items supplied by Sargood on Collaroy, which at any time may be found to be missing, damaged or damaged beyond repair or destroyed. Please note that the cost of equipment varies up to $30,000.
  • Before hiring the piece of equipment, the Guest must sign the equipment hire agreement, and then sign it again with reception upon return.

15.2 Responsibilities of Sargood On Collaroy in relation to equipment hire:

  • Sargood on Collaroy reserves the right to deny a request to hire.
  • A register of bookings for equipment will be maintained by Sargood on Collaroy.
  • Sargood on Collaroy will provide instruction and assure that hirer completes the Hiring of Equipment Procedure before using equipment.
  • Sargood on Collaroy will undertake an inspection of equipment prior and post the hire period.
  • In the event of damage to equipment being identified post hire, Sargood on Collaroy will provide the hirer with details of the findings and the costs for repair or replacement of the equipment.
  • Sargood on Collaroy are responsible for the general maintenance of all equipment.

16. Participation requirements: Recreation, gym, physiotherapy or exercise physiology

If a guest would like to participate in the recreation program, they must:

  • Fill in the medical history form which is part of the booking form.
  • This form must be filled out each time a guest stays at Sargood on Collaroy.
  • The form will be reviewed by Sargood clinical staff and if they think it appropriate the guest may be asked to produce medical clearance from their treating physician before participating in the program.
  • Sign the terms and conditions acknowledging the risks involved in participation.

17. Advocacy

Sargood on Collaroy acknowledges and respects the role of people who act as an independent advocate for a guest; including families, friends, guardians and financial managers when they take on that role. Sargood on Collaroy actively encourages and supports guests and their families to engage with independent Advocacy Services but will equally respect the right of guests to choose their own advocate, and to change their independent advocate at any time during service provision. Below are some important NSW based services.


Multicultural Disability Advocacy Association of NSW Incorporated

Promotes and protects the rights of people from a non-English speaking background with disability and their family and carers in NSW.
P. 1800 629 072
E. mdaa@mdaa.org.au
W. https://mdaa.org.au/

10-12 Hutchinson Street
Granville NSW 2142

People with Disability Australia

Advocacy support can include going to meetings with or for the person, writing letters, making phone calls or assisting them to lodge complaints.
P. 1800 843 929
E. info@wayfinderhub.com.au
W. https://pwd.org.au/

Level 8, 418A Elizabeth St
Surry Hills NSW 2010

Regional Disability Advocacy Service

Not-for-profit organisation that assists people with a disability living in the Oven Murray district of North East Victoria and the Murrumbidgee district of Southern NSW. P. (02) 6921 9225
E. wagga@rdas.org.au
W. https://rdas.org.au/

Suite 104/105 Wollundry Chambers, 63 Johnston St,
Wagga Wagga NSW 2650

Regional Disability Advocacy Service

Not-for-profit organisation that assists people with a disability living in the Oven Murray district of North East Victoria and the Murrumbidgee district of Southern NSW.
P. (02) 6921 9225
E. wagga@rdas.org.au
W. https://rdas.org.au/

Suite 104/105 Wollundry Chambers, 63 Johnston St,
Wagga Wagga NSW 2650

Spinal Cord Injuries Australia (SCIA)

Experience in areas such as NDIS, transport, equipment, housing and modifications, employment opportunities, pensions, personal care, access and much more. Most of the team have physical disabilities, so they understand the challenges you face.
P. 1800 819 775
W. https://www.scia.org.au

1 Jennifer Street
Little Bay NSW 2036

Sydney Regional Aboriginal Corporation (SRAC)

SRAC recognises that indigenous clients face great challenges and have unique care needs and we assist them to meet these needs and gain more enjoyment from being a member of their communities.
P. (02) 4732 3948

51-57 Henry Street
Penrith NSW 2750

A full list of advocacy services can be found here https://bit.ly/2U0givU or you can search https://askizzy.org.au/disability-advocacy-finder

18. Language services

Sargood on Collaroy is committed to communicating with all guests using the language, mode of communication and terms that the guest is most likely to understand.

Interpreter services are available when requested in the booking form.

With consent we are happy to communicate directly with an advocate, case manager, support coordinator, family member or alike.

19. Code of Conduct

For the benefit of guests, neighbours and staff, we have a Code of Conduct to help everyone enjoy their stay.

Sargood on Collaroy agrees to:

  • Listen to you and learn about what you want and need and support you to make decisions and choices.
  • Provide the best available supports/services appropriate to your needs, including consulting with you on decisions about how supports/services are provided.
  • Engage others who are important to you (as you wish), and together we will support you to achieve the goals and aspirations you identify.
  • Obtain consent before commencing supports/services.
  • Once agreed, provide supports that meet your needs.
  • Regularly review the provision of supports with you.
  • Communicate openly and honestly and in a timely manner.
  • Treat you with courtesy, dignity and respect.
  • Treat personal information in a confidential manner and protect your privacy.
  • Keep current and accurate records of supports/services provided.
  • Provide you with information about managing any complaints or disagreements.
  • Listen to your feedback and resolve problems quickly.
  • Give you notice if we must change or cancel a scheduled appointment to provide supports. Where possible another appointment will be scheduled to a time that is suitable to you.
  • Give you notice if we need to end a Service Level Agreement or cancel a booking.
  • Take reasonable steps to confirm your safety.
  • Provide staff with adequate training to meet your service requests and requirements.
  • Provide supports in a manner consistent with all relevant laws e.g. National Disability Insurance Scheme Act 2013 and rules, and the Australian Consumer Law.
  • Inform you of our role in teaching and training students/new staff members and to ask for your consent where it is proposed that a student/ new staff member be involved in your supports/services.
  • Issue regular invoices and statements of the supports delivered.

You agree to:

  • Inform Sargood on Collaroy of how you wish the supports/services to be delivered.
  • Treat Sargood on Collaroy staff and other guests with courtesy and respect.
  • Work with Sargood on Collaroy to put your plan into action; this may include recommendations from your support team.
  • Ask questions if you are unsure about your supports being provided or you have any concerns.
  • Pay any fees associated with your supports/services promptly (you will be advised of these before the supports/service commences).
  • Give Sargood on Collaroy reasonable notice if you need to end a Service Level Agreement or cancel a booking and follow our Cancellation Policy and Procedures.
  • If applicable, let Sargood on Collaroy know immediately if your NDIS plan is suspended or replaced by a new NDIS plan or you stop being a participant in the NDIS.
  • Allow Sargood on Collaroy, at the commencement of supports/services, to work with you to identify any risks that may affect staff, others or you, and to cooperate with all reasonable actions to minimise negative risk and enhance positive opportunities.
  • Refrain from making noise in an apartment or on your/communal balconies after 9pm.
  • Refrain from using abusive language or actions.
  • Follow staff direction and adhere to responsible service of alcohol.
  • Under no circumstances use of or be in possession of illicit substances.
  • Do not consume alcoholic beverages on the outdoor terrace after 9pm.
  • Be aware that wilful damage to property will incur full costs of repair, replacement, cleaning and staff time.

By agreeing to the terms and conditions you are agreeing to the Code of Conduct.

20. Risk Warning and Liability Waiver

You acknowledge and agree that your participation in any exercise, recreation, leisure, sport or training activity organised by us is an activity which is subject to risks.

Risks associated with the use of equipment to access community and other similar equipment (Cycles, X8 4WW PWC, Batec, Smart Drives):

  • Injury from faulty equipment.
  • Injury from accident while using equipment.
  • Injury from falling off equipment.
  • Injury from colliding with another equipment user/ pedestrian/ another road user.
  • Aggravation of previous or existing illnesses or injuries.
  • Injury from not using the equipment with incorrect technique or not for its intended purpose.
  • Damage to skin (cuts, bruises, grazes & pressure injuries).
  • Sunburn and exposure to weather.

To review the full risk assessments completed by Sargood on Collaroy, please speak to management.

By acknowledging that you agree to our terms and conditions, you are agreeing that:

  • You have read the above risk warning; and
  • You release us, our agents and servants, and all other parties associated with organising activities from any responsibility or legal liability associated with your presence at and participation in the activities, whether at Sargood On Collaroy or at another location. To the extent that the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth) applies this release is limited to responsibility and legal liability for death or personal injury and does not apply to significant personal injury caused by reckless conduct by us.

21. Feedback, Suggestions, compliments and complaints

21.1 Procedure for receiving compliments

  • Compliments are welcomed are usually received:
    • in person,
    • over the telephone,
    • in writing,
    • as part of our feedback form sent after every stay,
    • through the feedback app located at reception
  • Where formal compliments are received regarding a member of staff or a service from a guest, client or relevant other these should be brought to the attention of the investigating manager.
  • The investigating manager should personally acknowledge the staff member(s) involved and refer the compliment on as required.
  • Compliments are shared at staff meetings.

21.2 Procedure for receiving formal and non-formal complaints

  • Sargood on Collaroy welcomes complaints; they are considered as valuable feedback for the service to continually improve and develop.
  • Guests, clients, visitors and their families, advocates and substitute/supported decision-makers have a right to raise complaints regarding the services, and to have their complaints dealt with promptly and in a positive way.
  • Guests, clients, visitors and their families, advocates and substitute decision-makers who make a complaint are valued and should not fear retribution.
  • Complaints are welcomed are usually received:
    • in person,
    • over the telephone,
    • in writing,
    • as part of our feedback form sent after every stay,
    • through the feedback app located at reception
  • Staff at all levels must accept complaints and know what action they can take to resolve them.
  • All complaints are to be forwarded to the relevant manager, who will be known as the Investigating Manager.
  • Complaints are referred to the next level of management when the matter is outside delegation or is unresolved.
  • Informal complaints or simple matters of concern should be dealt with by the site staff involved where possible, with support from the manager. However, for more serious matters or those with broader implications for Sargood on Collaroy and the organisation, the General Manager will notify the Quality, Risk and Compliance Manager, and relevant members of the Executive to participate in the resolution.
  • In cases where the complainant does not feel comfortable in making a complaint to those directly delivering the service, the appropriate manager should be notified to speak to the complainant.
  • In cases where the complainant does not feel comfortable in making a complaint to the manager, complaints can be made to the Royal Rehab Quality and Risk Manager via feedback@royalrehab.com.au.
  • If responses from the Sargood General Manager or Royal Rehab are not considered adequate by the complainant, the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission can be contacted by calling 1800 035 544 or visiting www.ndiscommission.gov.au.

21.3 Open Disclosure

Open disclosure is a process that involves communication with clients and their families if something goes wrong that has or could have caused harm.

The goal is to promote transparency, honesty, and trust between Sargood staff and clients/guests.

Clients/guests should feel supported and well-informed, even in challenging situations.

Principles of Open Disclosure include:

  • Immediate Actions – Sargood staff are to take immediate actions to address health and safety of a client or guest.
  • Acknowledgement and Apology – Sargood staff will acknowledge when something goes wrong, and will offer a sincere apology.
  • Open and Timely Communication – Sargood staff will have an open and transparent conversation about what has happened and the impact of the adverse event on the client/guest and their family.
  • Identify and Implement System Improvements – Sargood staff will draw on learnings and drive quality improvement initiatives. This may involve reviewing and revising protocols, procedures, and training to prevent similar events in the future.

Clients and guests have the right to access an advocate during these discussions. An advocate is a person that can provide support or work on your behalf to represent your wishes.

22. Media Consent

Sargood on Collaroy, from time to time, would like to share our guests’ experiences to show what is possible at Sargood on Collaroy and to encourage others in a similar situation to visit. We would share these images using various media, including but not limited to social media and print, only with your consent.

Media consent is either gained by signing the agreement on the online booking form or by signing a Media Consent Form.

Our full Media consent policy can be found in our booking form.

23. Privacy, Dignity and Confidentiality Policy

Sargood on Collaroy is committed to safeguarding the privacy of client information and has implemented measures to comply with its obligations under the privacy legislation.

We have policies and procedures in place to respect and protect a client’s privacy and dignity; ‘Privacy Dignity and Confidentiality’ and our ‘Code of Conduct’. Our full Privacy, Dignity and Confidentiality policy can be accessed through the booking form

Our policies dictate information about privacy, the type of information that will be sought and why it is requested.

Consent is sought before any personal information can be collected, shared or used for any reason, other than for the purpose for which it was originally collected; the exception being when disclosure of information is required by law to lessen or prevent a serious and imminent threat to the life, health or safety of any person or a serious threat to public health. New South Wales has legislation which outlines the minimum period that medical records should be kept.

Credit card details will be retained securely. Payments can be made in person, or over the phone with card numbers entered directly into the EFTPOS terminal.

23. Your contact details and ours

Your Contact Details:

You must let us know any change in your contact details by sending an email info@sargoodoncollaroy.com.au. If you do not update your contact details when they have changed, notice given by us to the email or other address we have on our records for you will be valid notice to you under these Terms.

Our contact details:

Any written notice or completed form that you need to provide under this Agreement must be sent by email to info@sargoodoncollaroy.com.au or sent by post to, or handed to a Sargood Staff or director at, Sargood on Collaroy, 1 Brissenden Ave, Collaroy NSW 2097. Only notices delivered to us in one of these ways will be valid notice under this Agreement.