Adaptive Mountain Bike

Join us for 3 days of adaptive mountain biking across some of Greater Sydney’s top MTB trails, including Manly Dam, Awaba MTB Park and Wylde MTB Park in Western Sydney

This year we’ve got three separate courses to cater to varying abilities and experience. These courses have been designed for people who own their own adaptive mountain bikes and would like to be supported to ride mountain bike trails. However, if you don’t own your own adaptive MTB you can use one from our fleet of adaptive cycles.

If you own a Sport-on Jeetrike, XCR, Explorer; Lasher; Bowhead Reach or RX, then this is the week for you!

We’ll also have Damien from Pedal Happy on hand to ensure your whip is running smoothly, and able to sort out any running repairs as needed. (Note: any repairs will be at the expense of the rider)

Don’t own your own bike? Don’t worry we’ve got a range of our own adaptive mountain bikes including Sport-on Jeetrike’s and XCR, Bowhead RX and have access to additional cycles from suppliers.

What level is right for you?

If you are unsure of what level will be suitable for you, please contact Sebastian who’ll be able to run you through the different levels, and recommend a course suitable for you.

This course is for first time riders, or for if you are still developing your off-road riding skills. The tracks ridden will be a mix of fire trails and some wide green single tracks. There will be skills sessions throughout the week to allow you to work on skill development and progress your riding.

This course is for anyone with a moderate level of riding ability. You may have participated in our beginner camp previously, or have your own cycle which you regularly ride at home. The tracks will mostly be single track with a mix of green and blue rated MTB trails. There will be skills sessions throughout the week to allow you to work on skill development and progress your riding.

This course is for anyone who regularly participates in aMTB and has moderate to advanced skills. You’ll likely have your own cycle or have participated in our Intermediate or Advanced camps in the past. The majority of tracks will be single tracks rated green, blue and black. You’ll ride a range of different mountain bike parks and encounter features including drop-offs, steep descents, rock gardens and berms. There will be skills sessions throughout the week to allow you to work on skill development and progress your riding.


  • 3 days of off-road cycling including skill development sessions lead by BICP Adaptive MTB Instructor
  • Daily accessible transport
  • Daily Lunch (on riding days)
  • Pedal Happy General Service of your MTB (no parts included)
  • Adaptive MTB Hire (for those without a cycle)


Our courses require you to book into either one of the following packages: full details of our package inclusions can be found here.

  • Wellness & High Support Package (for those who DO NOT require attendant care).
  • Wellness and Very High Support Package (for those who DO require attendant care)

2024 Dates

Beginner Camps

6-10 May
12-16 August

Intermediate Camps

20-24 May
26-30 August: FULLY BOOKED

Advanced Camps
16-21 June: FULLY BOOKED
8-13 September: FULLY BOOKED

Important information

For those who are bringing their own bike, it is expected that you will have all of your own protective gear including MTB Helmet that meets Australian Standards.
For those using one of our cycles we will provide you with all your protective equipment.

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Schedule (this is a guide only)

DAY Beginner & Intermediate Advanced
Sunday 2pm: Check-in
Monday 2pm: Check-in Morning: Bike check & service
Afternoon: aMTB Skills Session
Tuesday Morning: Bike Check & Service

Afternoon: aMTB Skills Session
Full ride day
Wednesday Full ride day Full ride day
Thursday Full ride day Full ride day
Friday 10am: Check-out 10am: Check-out

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You must be living in the community to apply to attend any of the courses run at Sargood on Collaroy. If you are currently an inpatient at a health facility then unfortunately you are not eligible to apply.

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